Devyn Orozco | Trans Models New York

Devyn Orozco is an aspiring model, self-thought photographer, and artist. Currently signed with Trans Models NY. Devyn has an extraordinary fashion forward look. She is very energetic, silly, and loves to laugh. She was born in 1997 January 7th at Summit, New Jersey. Devyn was raised in Naranjo, Costa Rica for most of her childhood and was brought back to the United States when she turned 11.  She was discovered when she was 14 years old, by Jarrid Jones; fashion photographer, actor, artistic director, and writer. 


Devyn then started working as a freelance model  since 2011. Two years after, she came out to her mother as trans, and started her transition to become her authentic self. Devyn's mother had a very difficult time accepting her son coming out as a transgender female, although over the time she came along, and is very supportive of Devyn. 


Devyn went to Chatham High school, Nj. During Devyn's high school career, she was part of the GSA club, where she was an activist for the LGBT community. Devyn's goal was to show everyone that being yourself is a beautiful thing. During her sophomore year, she started a project called "Chatham High School GSA Interviews" where she interviewed known names in the fashion industry to raise awareness for the LGBT community.  Devyn puts 100% into everything she does, weather it be her modeling, drawings, or photography. She truly believes that positive energy is the key to success.