From time-to-time, the Institute's researchers contact me about additional opportunities for volunteers at NYSPI.  Please understand that if you are interested in either of these opportunities, it would be in addition to your current assignment.  For more information, reach out directly to the contact person listed.


1. The Department of Geriatric Psychiatry needs a Spanish interpreter for one day per week (preferably a Wednesday or Thursday) to interpret for Spanish speaking research patients and/or their families.

This will aid these studies with current research patients and would increase its recruitment strategies to include avenues to attract primarily spanish elders.  If you are fluent in Spanish and are interested, contact Patrick Brown, Ph.D at 646-774-8666 or  


2. Dr. David Shaffer, one of the country's most respected Child Psychiatrists, needs assistance in

administrative duties that include reviewing old files and shredding and refilling documents. The materials contained within the boxes are primarily original research data or transcripts of research interviews that need to be examined and sorted into re-labled files. Research to be reviewed includes diagnostic interviews, a landmark study of adolescent suicide, and a study that led to the development of diagnostic criteria for the DSM-IV.  Dr. Shaffer has generously offered to provide further reading on the topics covered by these data.  For more information, contact Jennifer Garraway at 646-774- 5827 or


Thank you again for your continued volunteer service to the Institute, and for considering these new opportunities.

Matt Gold, CTRS
Coordinator, Volunteer Services



646-774-8730 (fax)