Thailand and the island of Phuket was my original home.  But now I call New York City home. In Thailand, I performed as a Model, Actress and Dancer. I came to the United States to continue my university studies and with an eye on the fashion world. Immediately after my arrival I entered and won the Miss Asia New York 2010-11 Pageant.

Soon I was lucky enough to have multiple modeling assignments including being featured in the launch of CHRYSALIS Lingerie through their website and video campagin. My interests in fashion span from the latest runway creations to the street style smarts of Soho, Tribeca and the Village. In the summer of 2013, I interned with Julia Sarr Jamois (Vogue Australia) and Marie Chaix (Vogue Paris & Self Service Magazine). Working with these renowned fashion editors and stylists gave me insider view of the fashion world. My work with Marie Chaix included a photo shoot with Gisele Bündchan in Self Service Magazine. Recently I completed a modeling assignment with a high-end retailer that will be profiled in February 2014. 

The photographer of the shoot is well known as one of the world's greatest fashion photographers.  I have also become interested in life behind the camera.


 I have always been an avid photographer and recently I began studying film production. Last year, I combined my many varied interests in my first fashion blog, PechePapers.  This blog profiled what appealed to me in the fashion world as well as providing an ongoing chronology of my experiences. 

Today, I am continuing my academic studies full time at New York University studying Filmmaking.  I also continue to take on selective modeling assignments.  The introduction of marks my return to fashion and beauty blogging. This blog promises to be something different.     The blog will bring together the red carpet, street style as well as art, glamor and beauty.  In the coming months, PechesPaper will bring you insights into these aspects of the fashion world created from the unique I continue to expand my work both in front of and behind the camera.  Stay tuned; there is a lot more to come.